The History of Expedia

Expedia owns several online travel companies. Expedia was founded in late 1996 and was at first a division of Microsoft. Expedia offer various products for their customers. Expedia is one of the top leading travel agency websites currently on the internet. Expedia’s headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington. Expedia was officially launched in 1999 and later was purchased by Ticketmaster in 2001.

In 2012, Expedia purchased a big share of Trivago for several hundreds of millions of dollars. In early January 2015, Expedia purchased Travelocity for over 200 million dollars. A month later, Expedia purchased Orbitz for over 1 billion dollars. Expedia also purchased HomeAway for over 3 billion dollars in 2015 as well. Dara Khosrowshahi is currently the CEO of Expedia and has been since 2005 with an income of over 90 million dollars per year.

Expedia Locations

As Expedia continues to grow, so does Expedia’s locations in the United States. Expedia’s headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington in a building in which they occupy the majority of the floors. Expedia is currently in the process of moving their headquarters in Seattle and they hope to have this process completed by 2019. Expedia has purchased the Argen campus for hundreds of millions of dollars so that they are able to expand their office space for their growing business.

On top of purchasing Argen campus, they are also looking to expand the campus by adding more square footage so that they have enough room for their employees. Expedia executives are hoping to cut down traffic in the Seattle area by allowing their employees to choose a shuttle service to work so that the move does not interfere with traffic congestion.

Awards for Their Growing Success

As Expedia continues to be one of the top travel companies on the internet, they also have continued to earn awards throughout the years for their growing success. Over the years, Expedia has continued to gain exposure with the awards they have won.
Recently, Expedia has won two awards for the best place to work in America. They have also recently received an award for being the top travel app among their competitors.

About Expedia’s Services for Members allows their customers to book discounted hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, and various other options for those who are interested. The website looks at thousands of deals available across the world to give their customers the best prices for their money. In late 2014, Expedia collaborated with Citigroup and created an Expedia card in which members can earn rewards and benefits from using their services.

As an Expedia+ member, members can earn even more discounts by using the credit card to get the biggest deals. Using the card can also allow customers to receive free offers such as amenities and hotels. Every time a customer uses the card, they get bonuses on their card that they can then redeem when using Expedia services. Citigroup currently offers a +blue, +silver, and +gold card in which, depending on the level of the card, the more benefits you will receive. Each card has their own benefits and rewards and customers can view the card options on their website to learn how it works.

Expedia’s Website

Expedia’s website is the most detailed travel agency website that customers can find. Expedia’s members can search for anything they would like in their search while they are able to review hotels, car rental companies, and much more all in one place. Expedia’s website supports dozens of countries all over the world so that no matter where you are in the world, you can get the best deals available.