Uber Technologies Inc. is famous in thousands of major cities in the world. It started as a small Minicab Service Company. It is an online transportation network firm founded in the United States of America. Uber, with headquarters in San Francisco, operates in more than 50 countries in the world.

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were the people who discovered Uber. In 2008, the two great friends attended the LeWeb conference in Paris, France. After the meeting had ended, they moved out of the conference hall and started looking for a taxi. The evening was cold. They suffered in the middle of the streets looking for a ride to their destination. Therefore, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp realized that there was a global problem of getting a taxi to pick clients in times of need.

That is when they came up with the idea that, there should be a taxi service whereby the driver can pick the customer wherever he or she is with the click of a button. Customers had to move for long distances to get the services of a taxi. That is where the big company, Uber started. The demand for taxi services was very high in the entire world. The two investors joined hands to bring a long-lasting solution to this global problem. They introduced an Uber App which people use to seek the services of a taxi from any place in the major cities in the world.

Uber faced resistance and many other challenges after its invention. There are many countries that the taxi service was completely banned. Other nations embraced the idea. Despite the challenges, the company grew, and its value is estimated to be over $60 billion. It is a huge progress that makes it one of the most successful startups in the world.

How Uber App Operates

Uber App is a platform that connects people in the world to the nearest taxi drivers regardless of geographical position. The App uses the mobile GPS system to complete the connections. The connection allows people to know the time the driver will arrive because they show the exact location of the taxi.

However, the passenger and the taxi driver must have the Uber App. The Uber-Company has the Admins who manage the whole system from their headquarters. The system works because people do not move for long distances or get stranded in the middle of cities searching for a taxi service.

The payment process is also fine. After offering the taxi service, the amount of money required is usually deducted from the credit card of the passenger. The system transfers the cash to the Uber-Company, owners of the App. They deduct the agreed commission and send the payment directly to the bank account of the taxi driver.

Uber Cars and Drivers Requirements

Anyone can become part of this multinational company. However, there are some requirements of becoming an Uber driver. First, you must have a well-maintained car. Four-door vehicles, limousines, and other private vehicles are the most preferred for Uber taxi services. A smartphone is also another essential requirement. It will allow the installation of the App to enable the driver to connect with the passengers. Both the drivers and the passengers should have fast internet access for them to connect effectively.

The Uber officials inspect the condition of the car before allowing it to be part of their fleet. The vehicles should have all the legal documents. The driver should be a trustworthy person and an excellent timekeeper. The drivers should have legitimate licenses. Additionally, they must have a remarkable track record. Therefore, this is an opportunity to use vehicels in the city more effectively and make extra cash. Although, it’s to expensive to compare it with  car-sharing models.

Ideal Features of Uber App

  • Real Time Tracking Ability

Uber App can detect the hours or minutes the driver will take to reach to the location of the passenger. It is time-saving because the client can engage in other productive activities before the vehicle arrives.

  • Automatic Payment System

The process of transferring the money from the credit cards of the customers to the drivers’ bank accounts through the Uber App is easy. The system is transparent because they do not expose the personal details of the App users to third parties.

  • Supportive Admin Control

The Admin of the Uber App supports both the drivers and the passengers to ensure that the taxi service is helpful and enjoyable to the two parties. They respond to the queries of the App users on time to make sure that there are no delays or inconveniences encountered during the whole process. They also offer tutorials on how to use the App after installation.

Although the company faced massive criticism from many people in the world after its founding, including private taxi drivers, their idea has been successful. Nowadays, they operate with an international team and will probably expand their services in future.