The History of Agoda

Agoda was founded in January of 2007 by Michael Kenny and Robert Rosenstein. Agoda’s headquarters is located in Thailand while the company is based out of Singapore. The company is another travel agency website that allows their users to book services with various companies while trying to find the best rate possible. The company offers their services in over 30 languages. The Priceline Group purchased Agoda shortly after it had been founded in 2007. Agoda launched their mobile apps in 2011 so that users can use their website on the go. The mobile app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Operation

Agoda provides a safe and secure platform for business owners as well as their users. Immediately after a client books a room, they charge a fee which is sent through the website to ensure payment to the business.
The company offers a “Best Price Guarantee” for their clients, ensuring that rooms are the same price listed on other websites or beat other rates. Agoda’s layout is similar to their competitors in which the company offers discounted flights and hotel rooms with over one million options for hotel rooms worldwide.

Agoda PointsMAX

Agoda has recently launched their PointsMAX program a few months ago, which allows members that book flights or hotels through their website to earn rewards for each transaction.
The program allows customers to choose a loyalty program of their choice in which they earn rewards. The program includes over 500,000 hotels throughout the world that have registered with the program. Various airlines have also registered with their program.

Agoda’s Experienced Employees

Robert Rosenstein, who originally founded the company back in 2007, is currently serving as the CEO of Agoda. Robert Rosenstein founded the company because he wanted to create a unique website for individuals that were looking to book a flight or hotel room. Robert Rosenstein has an extensive career background. Robert Rosenstein invested in an online hotel business which later became known as Agoda. Robert Rosenstein had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer for Agoda before accepting his current position.

The company has an experienced team of executives. All of the executives of the company have extensive educational backgrounds as well as career backgrounds. The executives of the company have helped the company come a long way in the recent years with their revenue jumping into the billions. The executives have worked for various companies in their past in which they have all successfully contributed to their growth.

The Priceline Group

Since The Priceline Group purchased Agoda in 2007; the company has been growing at a rapid pace. The Priceline Group has ranked in billions of dollars for the company and The Priceline Group continues to grow while acquiring new companies to add to their legacy. Since the group has acquired Agoda, Agoda has continued to see their booking numbers grow. Their recent booking numbers have jumped up an astonishing 50 percent.