When thinking about team building, one can conjure up an image of people seating in a circle and sharing too much personal information on someone else’s orders. Corporate team building strays no more. Stray Boots wants to save the corporate world, or more precisely corporate employees, from just that.

About Stray Boots

Stray Boots started about ten years ago on a mission to “make sure everyone has a fun, unique experience exploring their world.” Their first adventure started in New York City. Currently, their fun and interactive activities span over 54 cities in the US, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, India, and Israel. All the fun is offered through an app “Stray Boots” available on all smartphones and mobile devices. The company has several adventure options:

  • Competitive scavenger hunts;
  • Interactive tours:
  • Indoor adventures;
  • Museum hunts;
  • Mega city explorations;
  • Seasonal games;
  • Company trivia challenges;
  • Company relays;
  • VIP packages; and
  • Custom events (food & drink hunts, strategy games).

The participants can customize the content by changing colors, adding a logo, creating their own start and end messages, and adding their own questions. The events can be monitored in real-time from offices via Live Leaderboard. Through their VIP package, the corporate clients can request gift cards, humorous trophies or medals, or concert tickets for a winning team.

Stray Boots doesn’t only cater to the corporate world. Any group, students, tourists or just friends that want to explore a new city funnily and engagingly can use their services.

Stray Boots Adventures

New and old explorers have several options to choose from to make their team building exercise enjoyable and entertaining. Competitive scavenger hunts ask teams to solve riddles and complete challenges. Interactive tours are part scavenger hunt part travel tour. Participants take humorous photos, answer trivia questions and complete challenges. Museum hunts make exploring the world art and history amusing and educational at the same time. Some of the top museums include Detroit Institute of Art, American Museum of Natural History in New York City, or the Getty in Los Angeles. Mega city explorations are scavenger hunts taking place in different neighborhoods. Seasonal games are holiday-themed scavenger hunts and games. Company trivia challenges are custom-designed games specifically for that company. Company relays are a fun way to welcome new hires. They learn about company values, history and policies through entertaining exercises and games. And if these are not enough, the clients can request VIP and customs packages for that extra kick.

Some of the Stray Boot’s customers’ include MAC, Oracle, JP Morgan, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb and hundreds more (1,500 to be precise). The company holds over 700 events annually and thus far made over 300,000 participants happy. It is one in a sea of similar location-based gaming companies: Google’s Field Trip, Best Corporate Events & Team Building, Workamajig, TeamBonding, cityHunt, The Food Project and so many more. Stray Boots has to be ever more creative in adding new games and packages to their repertoire. Team building plays an integral part in the success of any company. It promotes cooperation, builds trust and allows strangers to learn more about each other and the place they work for. Stray Boots has been in business for ten years. Apparently, they are doing a lot of things right.