Silvercar is a car renting company. The traditional car rental firms charged massive amounts of money for renting one car to their clients. Silvercar is exceptional because they offer first-class rental vehicles at an “affordable” price. Their vehicles are well-maintained by skilled professionals who always try to ensure that the functionality of their automobiles is good throughout the year. The headquarters of the company is in Texas. The primary focus of Silvercar Company is to offer car rental services at the major airports in the USA.

Silvercar offers their services using an Android and iPhone supported App. They allow their clients to access their rental cars through the mobile application. The company understands that people face a lot of challenges in choosing the right car to rent for their trips or other purposes. That is the reason why they came up with an idea of providing awesome rental cars in one model, a similar color, and one make. The vehicles that they offer to thousands of customers are the silver Audi A4 models.

How it Works

Unlike many other car rental firms in the world, there are no complicated procedures required to rent the silver Audi A4 from Silvercar. There is no paperwork required to get the car. The customers should follow these simple steps to get car rental services from the company.

  • Download the Silvercar App

Using iPhones and Android supported phones the clients should visit Google Play store or iTunes and download the Silvercar App for free. The installation process of the app is simple. It is also easy to use.

  • Registration Process

Their app provides some fields which the customer should enter his or her correct details to complete the registration process. To enhance the booking process, the customer should provide details of his or her current location. Additional personal information required includes the driver’s license number, the credit card number and the client’s choice of the insurance coverage.

  • Reserve the car

The process includes selecting the car of your choice. All these activities are done in the App where you view different rental packages offered by the company. The cars provided by Silvercar for rental are in perfect condition. They also display the prices and the terms and conditions on the mobile App. The key determinant of the cost of renting a car from the company includes the duration you will stay with the Audi A4.

  • Unlock the Silver Car and Wait

In the Silvercar App, there is the unlock button. Customers should click this button and wait for the delivery of the car. The App notifies the officials at the headquarters. Mostly they deliver the cars at the major eleven airports in the USA.

After getting the car, the customer has to observe the deadlines agreed between the two parties to avoid penalties or other additional charges. The attendant of the company delivers the automobile with a full tank of gas. Therefore, the clients should return the car with the same amount gas. If they fail to observe these things, the company charges them $5 and the local price of the oil to fill the tank. They email the payment receipts to their customers instantly after returning the car.

Why you should Choose Silvercar

  • Affordability

The cost of renting a car from Silvercar is lower than other companies in the US. They have numerous packages that fit the budgets of their clients.

  • App Efficiency

Silvercar took advantage of the modern technology by introducing an excellent App that connects them with many people. The Application is efficient because they built it with attractive and user-friendly features.

Additionally, the customers do not have to move to the headquarters of the company to get the vehicle. If they unlock the car in the application, there is a trustworthy staff member who delivers it to the geographical location of the customer on time.

  • Comfort of Driving their Vehicles

The silver Audi A4 is a fantastic car that brings a luxurious feeling to the customers. They have impressive features which include the satellite radio, WIFI, GPS, in-dash navigation, and the Bluetooth.

Since its invention, the company is still expanding. They have great plans to offer car rental services to other airports in the country. The strategy will enable them to reach more customers in the world. The hassle-free process of renting the cars from Silvercar is the essential aspect that has made the company famous in the USA and the entire world.