Routehappy by ATPCO provides rich content to the airline industry. According to, rich content “is a highly progressive technology which enables airlines to more effectively control how their fares and ancillaries are visually presented and described on travel agency screens.” Airline passengers don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find information on extra fees, amenities, or access to Wi-Fi.

About Routehappy

Routehappy is based in New York and was launched in 2011 by Robert Albert, its current CEO. ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Co.) acquired Routehappy in February 2018, but Routehappy remained a separate entity. The company developed two integration platforms: Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) and Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs). UPAs, a standardized rich content format, allows displaying tailored summaries, cabin tours and other videos, and photos on airlines’ and online travel agencies’ websites. UTAs transform’s airline data into a friendly format where passengers can see fare benefits, restrictions, seat selection, and boarding priority among others. It offers two products: 1) Scores & Amenities, and 2) Routehappy Hub. Routehappy “Scores & Amenities” product is a rating system for each flight worldwide. The scores are calculated based on flight amenities that are important to fliers, such as seats, in-flight entertainment, food, and reliability. Routehappy Hub is a platform that each airline can tailor to showcase their unique attributes as they relate to flights.

Major Milestones

Before the acquisition by ATPCO, in August 2017, Routehappy and OpenJaw started a process of integrating them respective technologies. OpenJaw, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, helps to transform travel companies into travel “retailers” via its platform, t-Retail. Each OpenJaw’s customer can tailor their offering in virtually unlimited ways. They also retain all control over the travelers’ data, which enables them to deliver personalized experiences to these travelers. OpenJaw’s platform received IATA’s (the International Air Transport Association) level 3 NDC (New Distribution Capabilities) certification.

In February 2018 Routehappy announced a partnership with Amadeus IT Group, an IT company that serves travel industry. Their customers include travel agencies, airport operators, car rental companies, airlines ground handlers, tour operators, travel insurance, and cruise lines. The partnership integrates Routehappy rich content with Amadeus’ system. In September 2018, Routehappy added airline beverage and food data and began the classification of Wi-Fi___33 in four categories: email, basic web browsing, fast web browsing, and availability of Netflix streaming.

Routehappy has some serious competition to contend with. They include Zaptravel, Adioso, Reed Business Information, and Trip-roulette to name just a few. Staying ahead of such rivals will not be easy, but is more than possible. Routehappy made some significant inroads in this industry, and it does not appear to be slowing down.