Business trips can be highly expensive if the employees and the management of the company do not have an effective travel plan. Additionally, the market may fluctuate and increase the cost of traveling for employees to the seminars or other official trips. These factors may increase the expenditure of the firm which can lower the annual profits. Rocketrip provides real-time travel budgets and a plan that helps in cutting the travel costs for businesses.

Rocketrip is a big company headquartered in New York City in the USA that assists firms and employees on how to save on business travels efficiently. The founders, Gillian Tee and Daniel Ruch, launched the company in 2013. Currently, Daniel Ruch is the CEO of the firm who possesses very good leadership skills that have enabled the company to win thousands of clients every year.

The strategy that the company uses is in most cases beneficial for both the employees and the employer. They create strict and reasonable travel policies for the travelers to enable them to spend the money wisely during the business trip funded by the organization. They have a team of experts who helps the employees in implementing these policies, enabling the company to grow massively since its founding.

How Rocketrip Offer Travel Solutions to Employees and the Employers

Rocketrip helps in reducing the travel expenditure by 30 % or even more. Their travel management team not only provides reasonable travel budgets to the employees, but they also offer them the motivation that enables them to reduce their spending.

After spending less money, the employees earn great rewards. Rocketrip encourage the employees to choose the restaurants that do not charge huge amounts of money for their services. They also guide them to use cheap flights and rent low-cost business halls to hold their meetings. It plays a significant role in building a saving culture in the organization.

They reward the employee with half of the savings after the end of the trip. They take a certain percentage of the other half and give the rest to the employer. When the employees realize that they will get rewards after saving, they develop a low-spending habit. This helps them to start using the money more wisely and treat it like their own.

Rocketrip Provides Travel Costs Estimates

Before the business trip begins, it is advisable for the organization to have a clear plan that will guide them on how to spend. Rocketrip enables the employees to know real-time costs of traveling to their destinations. They do the travel research on behalf of their clients.

Therefore, they offer patented budget algorithms before the employees and the employer book for the trip. Additionally, they provide the employer with a detailed report of the trip and additional information on how the employees are spending and what they save.

Their online software enables their clients to book their business travel. The employer has the responsibility to fill the correct details about their trip. The information includes the location of the firm, the place that they want to visit, the number of people who will go for the business trip and the proposed budget for the travel. These are the details they use to do their research and to provide real-time budgets to the organization.

Rocketrip has faced criticism

However, since its founding Rocketrip has faced criticism from their competitors, travel companies and other external bodies. The critics insist that Rocketrip should not earn anything because it is the clients and the organization that spends money in the process and not them. Despite the amount of criticism, they continue to enjoy a tremendous progress every year. They have thousands of clients that help them to grow.

Rocketrip also earns money through content marketing. Since 2013, they have been able to advertise their firm through creating and sharing informative blog posts on different platforms online. They write business and travel-related posts that offer people advice on the best places to visit and how to plan their budgets.

Each quarter they increase the online leads which have played a significant role in raising the awareness of the firm to their customers worldwide. They have numerous partners and investors. Some of their current investors that help the organization to grow include Bessemer Venture Partners, Genacast Ventures, and Canaan Partners.