Orbitz is a traveling company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. Previously, Orbitz was a separate firm, but in 2015, Expedia purchased the company. The purchasing deal was approximately worth $1.3 billion. Citigroup Center houses the headquarters of Orbit Company. The firm has a website and a mobile application that allows people in the world to choose holiday destinations and plan them ease by booking the best fitting and cheap airlines and vacation packages.

Currently, Orbitz is a leading company that offers the travelers very good booking options in the world. Using the mobile Orbitz App or the official website of the company, travelers can choose holiday packages in varieties of first-class hotels in the world. Additionally, individuals can rent cars, book hotel rooms, cruises and also book their favorite flights using the Orbitz website and App.

The History of Orbitz

In 2001, five major airlines joined and launched Orbitz Company before selling it to Cendant Corporation in 2004 and later to Expedia in 2015. These airlines include the American, Northwest, Continental, United and Delta Airline. Their main aim was to decrease the dominance of the market by some travel agencies in the world. They also wanted to make the booking and traveling process easier for people in the entire world. First, they announced the launch in 1999, but after some other airlines had made a decision to invest in the company, they renamed it to Orbitz Worldwide Inc.

The Orbitz Company faced major criticism from different travel agencies and the competitors even before its official launching. There were massive protests from the traditional travel companies because they viewed the company as a significant threat to the market. Therefore, they launched campaigns with the aim of stopping the launching of Orbitz by the airlines. The government and other relevant bodies evaluated all these allegations. Finally, they allowed the operation of the company because all the negative accusations were invalid. Therefore, it led to the successful launching of the Orbitz Organization in the United States of America in 2001.

However, even after its launching, Orbitz still faced threats and massive criticism from different bodies, including their competitors, travel agencies and investors in the travel industry. They described the organization as a cartel launched to fix traveling prices and confuse the travelers in the world. Competitors feared the firm because of its rapid growth in the industry. However, after numerous investigations by the Department of Justice in the United States of America, they declared that Orbitz Company was legitimate and authorized it to operate in the country. Additionally, they emphasized that Orbitz did not cause any threats to the competition in the travel industry because it was not a cartel.

The Success of Orbitz

After the airlines launched the organization in 2001, Orbitz sold travel tickets worth $3.3 million on the first day. It was a record-breaking amount for a newly opened company that faced massive threats and accusations from its competitors. Thousands of people registered to the Orbitz website on that day. All the testimonials of the customers of the firm were positive. Therefore, this was a clear indication that Orbitz had won the trust of the travelers who continued to join it every day.

The users of the website declared that Orbitz was among the top companies with a fast and efficient search engine globally. After entering the correct details on the website, clients received accurate travel information that they needed instantly. Additionally, the site offered information about the cancellations of flights on different major airlines in the world which kept the travelers informed all the time.

Criticism and Technical Problems

Although sometimes the website faced some technical challenges, the company tried to respond immediately and rectify the problem. It played an essential role in enhancing the reliability of Orbitz by travelers in the entire world. They made massive profits by selling large volumes of travel tickets per annum.

Currently, the highest percent of Orbitz’s earnings come from the sale of travel tickets. The rest of the money that they make per year comes from the services that they offer to their customers. Their travel packages, lodging reservations, car rentals and the other vacational packages that they offer are all numerous. They have the claim to help travelers with excellent and consistent services through the Orbitz mobile application or at their official website.