Hipmunk is a travel company headquartered in San Francisco, in the USA. Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman (Reddit co-founder) co-founded the firm in 2010. Currently, Adam Goldstein is the leader and the CEO of Hipmunk. Since its establishment, the travel site has been focusing on flight searches globally, booking of restaurants, hotel options and many other travel-related activities.

Hipmunk has a mobile application and a website that allows travelers to search and book for their favorite airlines to take them to their destinations at an hopefully affordable price. Also, the company has hotel deals that should save their clients million of money annually during their vacation holidays. In September 2011, Hipmunk gained global recognition when Google made an announcement about its efficient flight search service, which was one year after its establishment. It played a significant role in advertising the company globally.

How has Hipmunk Evolved to be a Global Company

After its launching in 2010, Alexis Ohanian joined the two co-founders to strengthen the firm with more innovative ideas. Initially, they relied on Orbitz (renowned travel company) to get vital flight data. Later on, they signed a deal in November 2010 which authorized them to use the ITA Software’s known as QPX Solution. By that time, ITA was the most reliable software which powered many travel search engines and other companies’ websites in the USA.

Before the announcement by Google about the flight search engine of the Hipmunk Company, they had introduced an iPhone app in February 2011. Their designers built the mobile application with user-friendly features that enabled the users to search for hotels and major flights for their vacation holidays with ease. Later after four months, Hipmunk introduced an iPad app which was also fast and after some practise easy to use. These apps increased the popularity of the company globally in 2011. More than one million people used the Hipmunk search engine each month by August 2011. It was a clear indication of the progress of the company which also increased its profitability. Hipmunk appeared on the list in the Time Magazine of the best 50 websites of 2011. Their website was fast throughout the year and earned more credit from its users and the media houses.

Cons of Using Hipmunk

Although, users can filter their search by date, this tool is not easy to handle with at the beginning. You will probably need some advice. Users have also no option to book flights and hotels in one deal. Furthermore, hipmunk does not include car rental reservations. This service will maybe be included in future. It is furthermore not possible to book directly through Hipmunk, you will always be transferred to other sites.

Reasons Why Hipmunk is a Good Travel Site

  • Many Affordable Travel Deals

Hipmunk offers their clients deals for their vacation holidays. Their search engine gives the travelers commercial flights, trains, and vacation rentals. Due to the varieties of travel options displayed on the Hipmunk website or mobile app, the travelers can plan on their budget and choose a suitable place to take their family members and friends.

  • Fast and Reliable Mobile Application

Hipmunk App is a good travel app. The application is easy to download from Google Play store or iTunes. The installation process is also simple. They made the app with travel-related features that match with its purpose, which makes it good to use. The app shows affordable flights and hotels in different parts of the world. Additionally, Hipmunk shows the maps of those restaurants which guide the travelers who visit new countries.

The app enables the users to compare different restaurants in one region and select the one that offers appropriate services for their family members. The process of booking first-class resorts directly on the app is also easy. There is no paperwork required. Apart from showing affordable hotels and airlines, Hipmunk app enables the users to see the customers’ reviews about those companies. It is helpful because travelers will avoid choosing the restaurants or airlines with numerous negative clients’ testimonials. They will select the best for their needs.

  • The Leadership and the Staff Members

For every company to succeed, it must have an leadership that connects well with the subordinates. At Hipmunk, their CEO has good skills and experience that enhances the progress of the firm. It seems to be, as if he has a good understanding of the company because he is one of its co-founders. The staff members and the IT department have played a significant role in the growth of the firm since its establishment in 2010. Hipmunk’s objective is to improve the process of finding flights, restaurants and other holiday packages for the travelers in the world.