What is Loungebuddy?

Loungebuddy is a mobile application that enables travelers to view and book some of the finest airport lounges globally. Sometimes it is hard to access the premium lounges that offer first-class services in the world. Loungebuddy tries to make things easier because people can use the app to discover these restaurants that were previously reserved for the frequent and elite travelers in the world.

The founders of Loungebuddy who include Zac Altman, Brent Griffith, and Tyler Dikman realized that air travelers experience a lot of problems at the airports. The congestions, noise, delays, and cancellations of trips are some of the common challenges that they face. Therefore, the founders came up with an idea of providing solutions for the travelers who want to get lounges near the airports that will minimize the inconveniences during their journey. They introduced the app that directs travelers to impressive airport lounges that enhance relaxation and tranquility after a tiresome day.

How Loungebuddy Works

The mobile application has the database of thousands of the airport lounges that are in the entire world. It is compatible with Android and iPhones. The travelers should download it into their phones and fill the details required for free. After creating the profile, the tourists can view the nearest lounges, their accommodation prices, the entertainment options, locations and other additional charges.

Some of the details required from the travelers to start searching for the lounges include the full names, credit card details, status, itinerary, memberships and their frequent flier programs. The app also provides numerous photos of the lounges, the previous reviews of the travelers, the available amenities and many other things. Clients also know the restaurants that have the fastest WIFI services to enable them to surf comfortably.

Unlike other deceiving travel apps, Loungebuddy App is reliable throughout the year. The company wants to ensure that travelers enjoy their journeys all the time by enabling them to book secure lounges for their family members and friends.

Features of the Loungebuddy App

The graphic design of the Loungebuddy App is excellent. The company used user-friendly features that enable the travelers to use the mobile app with ease. Using the features below, travelers can get access to airport lounges instantly.

  • The Airport coverage globally

The feature allows the travelers to view over 2,800 airport lounges in the world. It guides them to select the nearest ones, especially in the busiest airports worldwide.

  • The Lounge Access Wizard

The features allow the clients to describe the class of services they want, statuses and itinerary for them to be directed to the most comfortable lounges at a small fee.

  • Filter by amenities feature

Airport lounges offer different types of services and facilities. The filter by amenities feature enables the clients to view the amenities of all restaurants, including accommodation rooms, shower rooms, the meals that they offer, and the entertainment options. It allows them to select the perfect fitting one that offers good amenities.

  • Airport Lounge information

The feature enables travelers to view the operating hours of the lounge, prices, the access methods, customers’ reviews, location, privileges, and photos.

Reasons why you should use airport lounges

There are numerous benefits of using airport lounges. These places are safe for your family members. The kids need a peaceful place to play and to get more energy before the journey commences. Therefore, the airport lounges give the travelers a good opportunity to treat their loved ones.

After experiencing an awful moment after the cancellation of the flight or delays, the airport lodges are awesome for relaxation. Additionally, they allow travelers to get premium services and products. The amenities and services are first-class. Clients enjoy free WIFI, beer and delicious meals prepared by professionals. The lounges also provide business centers where officials can meet and discuss key matters and hold conferences. They are spacious and quiet.

Therefore, Loungebuddy helps travelers in the world to enjoy their vacations regardless of their countries or travel lines. They have surpassed thousands of modern companies by introducing the Loungebuddy App that enhances the convenience of accessing airport lounges starting with as low as $25. It is now easier to find the nearest airport oasis.