Triposo is an online platform that provides essential travel guides to travelers in the entire world. They also have a mobile application that allows people in different nations to select the best airlines, holiday packages, activities to do on a tour and favorite restaurants. Using the mobile app or the official website of Triposo, travelers can search and book first-class resorts in the world with spectacular entertainment options for their family members during a vacation holiday.

The Triposo iOS and Android App can function without internet connectivity. The travelers can search for all the information about their destination and download the details before departure. The application enables them to book for restaurants, get local tips, and access the maps of the restaurants and save the details. After their departure, they can view all the saved things in the app without connecting the mobile phone to the internet. These aspects make Triposo a very good travel guide for people globally.

History of Triposo

The Dutch Osinga brothers, Richard and Douwe and their close friend Jon Tirsen launched Triposo in 2011. The two Osinga brothers loved adventure and traveling to different places in the world at their young ages. They went to European countries together with their family members for a camping and to enjoy other entertainment activities. It inspired them because traveling became their main hobby. Previously, Douwe worked at Google Company for eight years while his brother Richard used to work in Algiers as a key Dutch Diplomat.

In 2011, Richard and Douwe traveled to Australia for a vacation holiday. At the Australian beach, they met with Jon Tirsen. Jon Tirsen also had passion in the tourism industry. They traveled together to Sydney, Australia using a ferry. The three investors realized that they had something in common. They encountered difficulties in navigating in the city. Mostly, when people visit a new area, they may get confused because of the lack of information about the region. They viewed this as a global problem. Therefore, they decided to quit their occupations and launch Triposo which could offer solutions to the travelers in the world. Millions of people globally embraced their idea and supported them because to date, the Triposo travel guide mobile application has more than 10 million downloads.

Later in 2012, they introduced a new version of the app, Triposo two. The app was more efficient than the previous one because it could offer clear recommendations to the users about the time, climate and other relevant variables for the travelers. It is a location-based software fed with data about different nations, restaurants, and beaches in the world.

Benefits of Downloading the Triposo Mobile Application

Apart from saving downloaded information and using it without internet connectivity, Triposo App has other advantages. One of them includes that it enables travelers to personalize their journey. Using the app, travelers can select the best rated restaurants, beaches, activities to do and sights and add them successfully on their bucket list.

Secondly, the app enables people to perform all their booking activities at one place without having to travel to the geographical location of the hotels to fill the booking papers. Therefore, the app makes the process easy and enjoyable which also saves the travelers’ time and money. Also, the app indicates the correct currency conversion rate in the country that the tourists are visiting. It enables them to plan their budget appropriately.

The third advantage is that it allows the travelers to wander freely in the new places they visit. The app provides accurate maps that guide them on where to visit with their family members in the major cities in the world. Additionally, the Triposo app offers the users key local tips. The tips include the local terms that are commonly used by many people in the region. They allow the travelers to socialize with the locals freely. They can make new friends which can be an awesome opportunity for them to engage in cultural activities with the people in that country.

The maps have crucial information about main roads, chemists, hospitals and many other popular things. That is the reason why the Triposo app has millions of downloads to date because it is very helpful for the travelers in the entire world. The users rate it among the best apps because of its accuracy and reliability.