One of the simplest ways of booking a train or a bus travel in North America and Europe may be through the use of Wanderu App. Wanderu Company enables the travelers to search for the most convenient bus and train itineraries that are secure and pocket-friendly. The travelers can use either the official Wanderu mobile application or the official website of the company ( to book for travel tickets.

They have good and sometimes unbeatable deals in the regions that they operate because they work with reputable train and bus operators across Europe and in North America. Their award-winning App allows people to make selections of trains and buses from their partners who include Megabus, FlixBus, Greyhound, Peter Pan Bus Lines, National Express, Trailways of New York City, Boltbus, Amtrak and many others. The official headquarters of Wanderu are in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA.

The Co-founders of Wanderu

Wanderu is a travel company co-founded by Igor A Bratnikov and Polina Raygorodskaya. Polina Raygorodskaya and Igor A Bratnikov are the CEO and COO of Wanderu respectively.

Previously, Polina, the CEO, used to be a renowned model. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Babson College. She earned global recognition when the Business Week, journalists and other media houses named her among the best 25 great entrepreneurs in the world under the age of 25 years old in 2007.

The COO of Wanderu, Igor A Bratnikov is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering graduate which he acquired from McGill University. He also graduated with a Degree in Law from Boston University School of Architect. He had a sense of adventure and engineering at his tender age. Craig Lentzsch, (Greyhound’s former CEO), Marc Michel, and Rogelio De Los Santos are among the people who form the Board of Directors of Wanderu company.

History of Wanderu

Igor A Bratnikov and Polina Raygorodskaya co-founded the company in 2012. The idea of starting the firm came in their mind when they attended a campaign called GreenXC which was about raising awareness of Forests and National Parks. The two partners and other participants of the campaign chose ride-shares as their means of traveling. Unfortunately, the vehicle they used canceled the trip near Virginia.

At that point, they were desperate because they needed a bus to take them to the campaign. However, Polina and Igor got stranded because they did not find a bus to take them to their destination. There were no bus stations near the region. The two investors realized the business opportunity. They decided to start offering travel solutions through an online platform. They realized that many people experience numerous challenges because of the lack of convenient means of traveling near them. They started Wanderu Company with the help of other external investors.

How Wanderu Works

Using the Wanderu App or the official website of the company, the travelers enter the addresses of their current geographical location and their intended destination. The platform offers them the nearest itineraries used by buses and trains. It shows the local public transit, bus stations, railways stations and the nearest pick-up and drop-off locations.

Wanderu search gives travelers numerous travel options. It allows travelers to choose the convenient routes to use during their trip. They can also select fast and cheap ways that will save their money and time. All the train and bus operators that partner with Wanderu are checked and reliable.

The features of Wanderu application are easily understandable. The booking page is also user-friendly because it allows the travelers to book their travels with ease. The Wanderu mobile app, launched in February 2015, was the best app of that month in the App Store of Apple (iOS).

The partnership of Wanderu Company with other big companies in the world like the Greyhound, which is the largest intercity bus organization in America, has contributed to its massive growth. It started as an idea of two people, and now it is working efficiently in North America and European countries. Due to the great success and achievements of Wanderu Company, Igor A Bratnikov and Polina Raygorodskaya featured in the Forbes Magazine of the 30 under 30 list in 2016 in the category of the Consumer Technology. Wanderu has also won other awards, and it is also a key member of American Bus Association.