Adioso is a searching and booking application designed to help the travelers all over the world. The mobile application enables its users to find the flexible airlines which they can use to visit their favorite places. The search engine also has a field where the travelers should enter the details about the date they will depart from a particular location to their intended destination.

Adioso App enables the travelers to get the cheapest flight routes and convenient companies in their region that will take them to their destination on a particular date. Therefore, it enables people from different countries to travel to the places that they love in all corners of the world with maximum flexibility.

The History of Adioso

Tom Howard and Fenn Bailey launched Adioso in 2008 in a small internet café found in Hanoi, Vietnam. Previously, they had tried to initiate numerous start-ups, but they failed drastically. In January 2007, Fenn built a search engine for finding the low-cost airlines in Australia. He used to email the flight deals to his friends and relatives who wanted to travel to different destinations. Therefore, his mailing services about excellent travel deals became popular in Australia.

That is when he realized that it was a significant business opportunity and he decided to team up with his colleague Tom Howard to make Adioso. At the early stages, Tom Howard was doubtful about the investment idea. Tom had no experience in the travel-related fields. Therefore, he feared the investment due to lack of knowledge about the airlines. Later on, he eventually changed his mind and decided to move on and introduce the Adioso together with Fenn Bailey that would offer travel solutions for the travelers globally.

How Adioso Developed

They required capital to implement their idea. Many people embraced it in Australia and other regions. Therefore, they had numerous positive customer testimonials about their investment. These reviews convinced the Silicon Valley to fund Adioso. The funding enabled them to launch Adioso version two which was much better than the previous version. Adioso two was simple to use, and it enabled travelers to search for travel destinations and low-cost airlines with ease. Additionally, Adioso two expanded the coverage of airlines in different regions in the USA and European countries.

Now they had greater access than before to the most valuable airlines and other networks in many regions. They also acquired enough travel route data that could enable them to give the travelers the correct information about their planned journeys. Due to their efficiency, their website got more media exposure in the world. People liked the site because it was the first mobile App that could offer excellent travel details by directing travelers to the cheapest and convenient airlines globally.

Adioso Dark Times

In August 2010, with the aid of massive media coverage from TechCrunch and other media houses and websites, Tom Howard and Fenn Bailey launched Adioso version three. The version was more efficient and faster than the previous one. The partners wanted to raise more funds to make the company more productive. They faced numerous financial constraints in the process. They had even decided to sell the business due to the inability to pay the bills and the employees. Some of the top officials of the organization resigned at that time. In 2011, the initial funding they acquired from Silicon Valley investors ended. They started hiring workers on short-term contracts to maintain the company.

In May 2011, Tom Howard came up with an idea of recruiting a new team of employees to the organization. It was an important decision that brought a great revolution to the company. The new workers were innovative, and they contributed to the revival of Adioso. In 2013, they acquired new funders from the Angel Investors, and some of them included Tim Lefebvre, David Rusenko, and Simon Gelfand.

Revival of Adioso

The funding from the Angel Investors strengthened the Adioso platform and enabled them to improve the site by deploying more efficient features. The new features improved the flight searches and destinations on the Adioso App. The search engine started showing more flexible airlines and destinations with their correct departure dates.

Therefore, after upgrading the search experiences for the travelers, Adioso started making more profits. It became stronger by recruiting new members to work for them. Currently, it is among the sites that can offer travelers accurate details about the airlines in their regions that will take them to their destinations. Thousands of people use Adioso every year that enables them to choose good travel options in their areas.